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Alibaba RFQ Management

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Alibaba RFQ Management

A request for quotation (RFQ) is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite suppliers into a bidding process to bid on specific products or services. RFQ contains detailed information about a buyer’s sourcing requirements. It is posted by the buyer and is reviewed by’s industry expert before being published on the site or being matched to a suitable supplier.


  • Buyer submits RFQ
  • reviews RFQ
  • Suppliers submit quotations
  • screens quotations
  • Buyer receives quotations
  • Trade begins
  • All members have the same basic quoting rights which is 20 RFQs per month. It could not be changed. To increase quoting permissions, the only way is to get more rewarding quoting rights.


- Purpose is to invite suppliers into a bidding process

  • Set appropriate product keywords in Alisource. Maximum 20 keywords can be set for RFQ. Upload all your Hot Selling products to get Recommended RFQs. Sign in at and start submitting RFQs.
  • if you sign into AliSource every day and quote to RFQ every day in one month, you will be rewarded extra quoting rights for 54 RFQs. If you get positive review from the buyer, you will get more quoting rights.Your market performance scores will be updated on the 3rd, 12th and 22nd of each month (Pacific Standard Time) and displayed under ‘My Alibaba’ – ‘Request for Quotation’ – ‘My Quotations’.
  • We at Topaz Infotech can help you in RFQ Submission.
  • Our RFQ Specialist Analyse your business and discuss with you for hot selling products and Target Market before Starting RFQ Submission Process.
  • Set keywords to get Accurate RFQ for Products / Service.
  • Submit RFQ with All Required Information.